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Sunrise Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd (Shanghai Yusheng Sealing Material Co., Ltd) is a high-tech ISO9001-2015 company that specializes in researching and developing the application of adhesive and sealing technology. We are not only the frontrunner in manufacturing adhesives, but also one of the largest PU foam manufacturers in China. Company’s vision is to build a global brand and to become a world-class adhesive production base....

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2020-03-26 Sunrise recognized as one of the top 10 suppliers ...

On December 6th 2019 China Real Estate Purchase Summit was held in Guangzhou.

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2020-03-23 Ilaorun waye 2019 apejọ ọdọọdun

On December 27th 2019 Sunrise held 2019 annual convention. Our general manager Mr. Tang lo...

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