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Decorazione esagerata colla per vetro contro l'inquinamento

Tempo: 2020-07-14 Colpi: 91

An adhesive, glass glue, is often used in decoration. Once, glass glue was not valued, and consumers never cared about it. However, with the increasing sense of environmentally friendly decoration, glass glue, which can emit a pungent smell, has begun to attract more and more consumers' attention. Consumers began to prepare their own glass glue for installation workers. But what is the pollution factor of glass glue? What kind of glass glue is good? Do you know all this?

The glass glue commonly used in home decoration is mainly composed of sodium silicate (Na2O•mSiO2), acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is easily soluble in water, very sticky, and generally highly corrosive, so when the glass glue is sprayed out, there will be a strong smell of glue. It is also because of this strong taste that glass glue is regarded as an important source of decoration pollution.
Industry insiders said that most of this strong taste comes from benzene in organic solvents, and the volatile time of benzene is mostly in 7-45 days, so as long as more ventilation, glass glue will not bring too much pollution. Consumers should maintain a rational understanding and should not talk about gum color change.