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Sunrise Weather-proof Sealant YS-1001

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  • Applications

    -Filling and sealing of small curtain wall, glass, aluminum plate, plastic steel and stone, etc
    -Installing of windows and doors, filling joints around glass and frames
    -Sealing in most indoor and outdoor decoration projects
    -DIY application (automobiles, vessels, sheds and houses, etc)

    One-component, neutral and fast curing, convenient
    Excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, small change in characteristics at temperatures -50℃-100℃
    Resistant to aging, ultraviolet, ozone and water
    Great adhesion to most construction materials and great compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants
    Product Standard
    Shelf life
    9 months in unopened packing in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures below +25 °C

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