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Sunrise Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd

Add : 28F,No.1958,Zhongshan North Road,Shanghai,P,R.China

Production Base : Southern side,West section of Qiyang Rd.,Hi-Tech New Material lndustrial Park,Linyi,shandong

Tel : +86 021-62050668

whatsapp : 86 13611913314

Skype : troyxie

Email : sales@sunrisepu.com

Website : www.sunrise-chem.com

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In 1998, we created Sunrise series, which mainly involved PU foam and foam gun products.
Patents of PU foam gun, PU foam straw, combination foam gun were awarded respectively in 1999, 2000 and 2002. Because we aimed to be a professional and technical chemical enterprise, we focused on creativity and expertise.
In 2003, Sunrise Chemical first domestically introduced winter PU foam, as the active pioneer of China chemical industry. Then we kept leading the trend, with first domestic wood PU foam and high expansion PU foam in 2004 and 2007 respectively.
In 2009 we launched high expansion PU foam domestically; next year Sunrise Masonry Adhesive was first introduced domestically.
Sunrise Chemical was honored as "Shanghai Famous Brand" in 2012, High-tech Enterprise in 2013 and "Shanghai Famous Trademark" in 2014.
In 2016, Sunrise College was founded to keep and develop professional talents. And Sunrise masonry adhesive won the 2016 Technology Innovation Award.
In 2017 Sunrise Chemical became Standard Participating Development Organization and started to develop external wall panel.
In 2018, we focus on the development of MS polymer sealant, SMP Sealant Series.

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