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Sunrise YS-1001 Wetterbestindich dichtwurk

Sunrise YS-1001 Wetterbestindich dichtwurk

Produktstandert: GB / T14683-2003

Shelf life:9 months in unopened packing in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures below +25 °C

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Ien-komponint, neutraal en snel genêzen, handich

Prachtige wjerstân tsjin hege en lege temperatueren, lytse feroaring yn skaaimerken by temperatueren -50 ℃ -100 ℃

Resistant to aging, ultraviolet, ozone and water

Great adhesion to most construction materials and great compatibility with other neutral silicone sealants

Produkt standert: GB / T14683-2003


9 moannen yn net iepene ferpakking yn in koel en droech opslachplak by temperatueren ûnder +25 ° C

Filling and sealing of small curtain wall, glass, aluminum plate, plastic steel and stone, etc

Installing of windows and doors, filling joints around glass and frames

Sealing in most indoor and outdoor decoration projects

DIY application (automobiles, vessels, sheds and houses, etc)

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