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SMP 825 Windows eta ateetarako polimero zigilatua

SMP 825 Windows eta ateetarako polimero zigilatua

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MP825 silane-modified polymer sealant for windows and doors is one-component, paintable, room temperature curable silyl-modified sealant. It is eco-friendly and pollution-free. Cured sealant is hot/cold-resisting elastomer which has properties of excellent water-proofing, extensibility from -40℃ to 80℃, and excellent adhesion without the need of base coating. The product is especially good for the installation of top-grade windows and doors.

Application: Joint sealing of doors and windows of high-grade buildings, installation of aluminum alloy plastic steel windows and doors, bridge breaking aluminum, and glass window frames, boding of glass ceramics, aluminum materials and concrete.