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Sredstvo za čišćenje Sunrise F140

Sredstvo za čišćenje Sunrise F140

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It is polyurethane foam cleaner and is used mainly to clean foam guns, hosepipes and excess uncured foam. 


1. After using PU foam, unscrew the foam can from the gun. Clean the outside of the gun first. Put the small nozzle on the valve of the cleaner can. Hold the cleaner can upside down and push the nozzle to get the cleaner out. Clean the outside of the gun and its screw adapter until all fresh foam is removed.

2. Screw the cleaner can onto the gun.

3. Pull the trigger of the gun several times to clean gun inside.

4. Use gun with cleaner can to clean valve on PU Foam can.

5. After cleaning the gun, close the adjustment screw clockwise.

6. For cleaning or removing fresh foam, see step 1.