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  • In 1998
    Introduction of Sunrise series
  • In 1999
    Sunrise gains patents of PU foam gun
  • In 2000
    Sunrise gains patents of PU foam straw
  • In 2002
    Sunrise gains a patent of combination foam gun.
  • In 2003
    Introduction of the first winter PU foam domestically
  • In 2004
    Introduction of the first wood PU foam domestically
  • In 2007
    Introduction of the first high expansion PU foam domestically
  • In 2009
    Sunrise launches high expansion PU foam domestically.
  • In 2012
    Sunrise is recommended as “Shanghai Famous Brand”.
  • In 2013
    Sunrise is awarded as a high-tech enterprise.
  • In 2014
    Sunrise is awarded as “Shanghai Famous Trademark”.
  • In 2015
    Introduction of the first masonry adhesive domestically